New High Power Tanning Beds

    Here at Genesis we have two tanning beds. A high power lay-down and high power stand up. Keep that summer glow all year round or get that base down before your southern excursions. Members of Genesis enjoy the luxury of our unlimited tanning package, purchased with any gym … [Read more...]


    What: Great 1 day only membership sales.   Where: Genesis Fitness 4922 49th st Across from the Legion When: June 13th 9am-7pm What: 1 Month Membership and 50 minutes of tanning for $80+gst 3 Month Membership for $150+gst Buy a Regular 6 month membership … [Read more...]

Phlyp Zvonkov

  My name is Pylyp Zvonkov. I have a strong background (over 14 years) in competitive swimming from my country of birth (Ukraine), as well i have be a swim coach which has combined with my Master’s Degree in Olympic and Professional Sports. I grew up in the city of Zaporozhe and … [Read more...]

Portion Control

Portion Control Most people struggle with this concept every day. How much do I eat of this, how much do I eat of that. The reality is you do need to watch what intake of specified food groups that you consume on a daily basis. Getting the appropriate amount of calories from each food group is what … [Read more...]

Cause damage to add mass

Okay, we all know that the quickest way to build muscle is to use progressive weight training. Progressive means that as soon as you get used to lifting a certain amount of weight, you add a little more. Over time, you’ll get stronger because your muscles adapt by getting larger to handle the … [Read more...]

You and carbohydrates

In food science, a carbohydrate is any food source particularly rich in starch such as cereal, breads, pastas or sugars (ie-jam, fruit, desserts, candy and juices). Carbohydrates are broken down by the liver into glucose (blood sugar) Your body uses this sugar to fuel your cells, organs and tissue. … [Read more...]